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佛州 is a suburban village in Miami-Dade County, with the neighborhoods of 科勒尔盖布尔斯 to the east, South Miami to the northeast and Palmetto Bay on the south side.

随着社区在20世纪30年代开始发展, 迈阿密附近的第一个旅游景点, 鹦鹉丛林和花园, 成立于1936年. 创始人, 弗朗茨和路易斯·谢尔, developed this 20-acre property at Red Road and SW 111 Street into a world-famous attraction, visited by many famous people including Sir Winston Churchill. 今天, this is still an area attraction and community center called 佛州 Gardens, 提供一个会面的焦点, participate and enjoy many programs and events for all ages.

在不断发展的过程中, the foundation for 佛州’s structure in the 1950’s and 1960’s was defined by the construction of ranch-style homes on one-acre lots amidst a rural, lushly-landscaped, 住宅设置. Many streets throughout 佛州 have names originating from prominent people associated to the area and for flowers and vegetation reflecting the natural beauty and resources of the 佛州 environment. 主干道之一, 肯德尔开车, 是以亨利·约翰·鲍顿·肯德尔的名字命名的, a trustee of the Florida Land and Mortgage Company that purchased a vast area of 佛州 in 1883. Other street names include Hibiscus Parkway, Oleander Parkway, Tropical Way and Pine Needle Lane.

The Village of 佛州 was incorporated in 1996 and became Miami-Dade’s 29th 直辖市. 村委会, 与村经理会面, 建立市政服务,包括警察, 公园和娱乐, 建筑及规划服务及公共工程.


珊瑚松公园 -一个九英亩的公园和一个娱乐中心, 六个照明网球场, 自然区域, 一个多用途的场地.

伊芙琳·格里尔公园 – A ten-acre park with athletic fields for softball and soccer, 击球的笼子里, 很多很多, recreation center and community gazebo equipped with a Wi-Fi Spot. 最初在2001年被称为“松林公园”, it was renamed in 2004 in recognition of the Village’s first mayor. In 2005, this park was highlighted as one of the best playgrounds in South Florida by Parenting Magazine.

弗拉格勒格罗夫公园 – A three-acre facility opened in 2008 with lighted youth soccer fields, 无边无际的游乐场, 停车及洗手间.

红道线形公园 – A 2.5-mile lighted walking and bicycle path along the 鲷鱼溪 Canal on Red Road. 公园区域包括三个休息区, made with coral rock walls and enhanced by the landscaping along the east side of Red Road, 在肯德尔大道和基利安大道之间.

Suniland公园 – An active 10-acre park with athletic fields for baseball and football, 击球的笼子里, 娱乐中心, 篮球场, 凉亭里有无线网, 还有一条散步和慢跑的小路.

退伍军人路边公园 – A 4.5英亩的公园,有一个淡水湖, 野餐桌和开放的休闲区, 位于西南79大道附近, which was named Veterans Parkway on Veterans Day 2007. The park honors the service of the men and women of the Armed Forces of the United States.

附近的, 位于风景优美的老卡特勒路, 仙童热带植物园在哪里, which has gained worldwide notoriety for its extensive collection of rare tropical plants. Opened in 1938, this 83-acre garden is a popular attraction for tourists and locals. Matheson吊床公园, 提供全方位服务的码头, 公园有不寻常的特色吗, a man-made pool which is filled naturally by the tidal action of Biscayne Bay. 家庭可以在沙滩上野餐, snack bar and restaurant built into a historic coral rock building.


Dadeland购物中心 -位于肯德尔大道,就在美国1号公路以西. 约有185家商店的大型封闭式综合设施, 位于萨克斯第五大道百货公司(Saks Fifth Avenue), 梅西百货, 杰西潘尼和诺德斯特龙. It has a Food Court with a large menu selection and 餐厅 such as The Cheesecake Factory.

瀑布 -位于SW 136街,就在US-1以西. 这个很多, open-air complex has a waterfall among tropical landscaping, flowing through its center with over 100 stores lining the sides and connected by pedestrian bridges. The main anchors are Bloomingdale’s and 梅西百货, along with other popular stores such as Abercrombie & 惠誉,箱 & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, Brooks Brothers, American Girl, Rockport and Gap. There is a cinema complex and eateries such as BJ’s and BRIO Tuscan Grille.

当你沿着US-1号公路开车穿过村庄时, 那里有松林广场和苏尼兰商店, 哪些提供很多服务和商店, 包括一个邮局, 汽车吊牌代理公司, 杂货店, 餐厅, 药店, 指甲水疗, 美容用品店等诸多便利设施.

许多有影响力的, elite and well-known sports celebrities make 佛州 their home, with Dwyane Wade of The Miami Heat being a former resident. 佛州 boasts some of the most luxurious homes in Miami. These sprawling homes on perfectly-planned large lots, 有修剪整齐的草坪和花园, 坐落在茂密的热带植被中, are architecturally designed and reflect the sophistication and affluence of many of the residents of 佛州.


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